About Bali

About Bali

Bali Travel Tips for a Memorable Time in Island Paradise

What can be more excited for couples and holiday planners than exploring the rich archipelago, tropical paradise and forested volcanic mountains?

Bali Is Calling You – Explore Hidden Treasure of Mother Nature

Such wonderful destinations are all time favorite tourist spots where people love to go again and again. Fortunately, Bali fulfills your desire to have an encounter with Mother Nature and her natural beauty in the best ever form. The gorgeous island region in Indonesia is blessed well with untouched virgin beaches, coral reefs, rich archipelago, iconic rice paddies, and forested volcanic mountains and above serenity that you desire to have at any place.

Why Should You Plan a Trip to Bali? Definitely for Something Good

From wonderful and architectural rich religious sites like Cliffside Uluwatu Temple to the Beachside city of Kuta that is famous for lively bars and from wonderful resorts surrounded by greenery and on the beaches to world-class resort towns like Seminyak Sanur and Nusa Dua, Bali invites you to the explore something more than what you have heard about or read in books. Not to mention world-class Spa retreats that are all set to welcome you in a paradise of refreshment where you can rejuvenate your mind and body in the most impressive way without worrying about anything.

Bali – An Untouched Paradise and a Safe Place for Honeymooners

There is no denying the fact that beautiful Bali is the most popular islands on earth that isn’t exactly an untouched paradise and a haven for honeymooners and couples seeking serenity and romance. South Bali, Ubud, Sanur, Kuta, Nusa Lembongan, etc are some of the most charming attractions to keep you busy.

A Few Simple Tips to Know About Before Planning a Trip to Bali

Planning a trip to Bali is certainly the best way of having more fun and excitement. But, keeping in mind some of the best things is important or following a few simple Bali travel tips will be helpful in making your Bali tour memorable one.

Respect Locals and Their Culture

It is better to respect locals and their culture. You are advised not to walk half naked or wear clothes that show your body. However, such restrictions are not applicable at private beaches or in your hotel. You are free to wear what you want.

Things to do in Bali:

Sekumpul Waterfalls

By far the foremost spectacular body of water we've seen in Bali. disjointed from all alternative traveller attractions this body of water may be a real gem! Few traveller return here owing to the situation and also the 40-min hike all the way down to it. On the foot of the body of water, you'll expertise its power and be rewarded with a contemporary shower and, if the sun is there a good looking rainbow. the quantity one on should will in Bali!

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

One of the foremost in style traveller attraction in Bali however still one among our prime things to try to to. Tegalalang may be a lovely rice paddies natural depression set close to Ubud. expertise sunrise or sunset that ar the simplest times to go to Tegalalang.

stick with an area family

Scary for many of the folks however staying with an area family one among the simplest stuff you might neutralize Bali. expertise however the important Bahasa Indonesia folks live their daily lives, facilitate them do their work, style the improbably tasty food they eat. once of late you'll leave plenty of latest friends behind.

Visit the archosaurian reptile head of Nusa Penida

Yep, the title may be a very little strange. Nusa Penida owns some incredibly views that the place on the icon is on of. The island is unknown however developing quickly once it involves business. It started a few year agone once somebody shares some photos that were suddenly everywhere the net. Now, Nusa Penida may be a must-visit on our trip to Bali. simply a 40-minute boat ride from Sanur can get you to expertise the foremost spectacular views you'll expertise around Bali. does one see the archosaurian reptile head within the photo? :)

stand up with sunrise in Munduk

No matter if you’re a morning person or not, make certain to expertise the sunrise within the Munduk space. Munduk is above north in Bali and also the climate is a lot of foggy and rainy, that makes it greener than close to the coast.


No matter if you're a swimmer or not. Bali is created for water sport. Kuta is for all the beginners like USA and many alternative spots like Uluwatu or some beach at Canggu for the more responsible surfers. For all the beginners out there: Grab a board and obtain a tutor on the beach and you're able to go!

style the simplest foods in Canggu

Canggu is food lovers paradise! native food, burgers, fusion, vegetarian and also the best coffees and cakes. Compensate that with somewhat surf and you'll be a full-time gastronome once staying in Canggu!

Snorkel with turtles around Gili Air

Ok, the Gili islands aren’t formally a part of Bali however many folks visit these islands whereas following their 3-week Bali Route Guide. The Gilis ar the type of islands after you think about paradise. No concrete roads and horses and bikes because the solely transportation. skin diving with turtles around Gili Air is in style. Turtles ar pretty simple to search out around this island. Grab a snorkel, dive in and explore!

Top Attraction in Bali:-

Ubud – The cultural Republic of Indonesia

Ubud may be a complete package of the simplest among the Bali traveler attractions. From nature to culture, this place may be a condensed Republic of Indonesia showcasing its culture through paddy fields, temples, street dance performances and museums.

Lovina – Sail with the dolphins

With black sand contact a neighborhood of five miles, Lovina is that the largest playground on the north coast of Bali. Encompassing many little villages, it's a welcome break from the hustle of the Southern traveler attractions in Bali.

Mount and Lake Batur – however concerning boiling some eggs on a live volcano?

Also called Kintamani volcano, Mount Batur is one amongst the foremost dramatic landscape for rubber-necking in Bali. With the glorious read of its a 13sq metric linear unit crater and a gorgeous lake that fills the massive a part of the crater, it offers an incredible spectacle to a traveler.

Nusa Lembongan – Going back in time

Did they raise you to require permission from Associate in Nursing elder to enter the town if you're during a car? Welcome to Nusa Lembongan! No hawkers, no traffic, turquoise water and a mushroom-shaped coral offshore – that’s however they introduce this little island set off the southeastern shores of Bali.

Sanur Beach – Snore here – Beach

A tree lined street and shady earth – set within the village of Denpasar in southeast Bali, Sanur Beach has for long unbroken itself faraway from the changes of morbid world. It homes some necessary should see places in Bali that have preserved the histories in its temples and museums.

Kuta Beach- Land of white sand

A melting sun over the white sandy beach within the evening tasteful with sizzling food at the beachside cafes – that’s what Associate in Nursing everyday afternoon feels like at Kuta Beach. Once a sleepy-eyed fishing village, it's remained Bali’s premier vacation destination ever since its renovation in late 1970.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu- The drop temple

Statues of Ganapati flanking the doorway, monkeys solicitation for treats from guests, evening dance shows – this is often simply another day at Pura Luhur Uluwatu. designed on a steep sedimentary rock drop jutting over the ocean, it feels to be perked up on a throne.

Tanah Lot- The temple to surf by and among hottest Bali traveler attractions

Among the seven ocean temples – every at intervals vision of ensuing, is Tanah heap Temple. set on an outsized rock, it's one amongst the foremost picture Bali traveler attractions for photography and foreignness.

Seminyak- The dream land

A small city within the southwestern coast of Bali, Seminyak is known for its high-end boutiques, and five-star restaurants among Bali traveler attractions. With a treacherous surf, it offers an ideal journey with a broad background.

Pura Besakih – The Mother Temple

The slopes of Gunung Agung house Bali’s highest mountain, Pura Besakih. Legends say that this 9 directional temple was designed to guard the island from evil. With 28 structures on terraces, it's encircled by scenic rice paddies, lush forests and vegetation.

Best Time to Visit Singapore:

Although Bali is climatically comfortable throughout the year, and is a year-round destination, the best time to visit Bali is from April to October, the summer months in Bali.

April - October: During the dry season, April to October, the western side of the peninsula creates some of the world's best waves, making this a delightful time to visit, weather-wise. Even within these months, the peak tourist season lasts from July to August, but April, May, June and September, just before and after the busiest time in Bali are truly the best months to visit.

October - March: Bali sees rainfall during these months, so you may want to avoid this half of the year if you’re planning your vacation. Although you will bag better deals during these months, your movement may be restricted because of rainfall.

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